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Planned Giving

McIntire Cornerstone Board

The McIntire Cornerstone Board promotes the School's planned giving efforts by assisting in education programs and advising staff and donors regarding gifting opportunities, including life income gifts to donors, to build the future endowment of the McIntire School.  They also assist in the stewardship of donors.

Gordon J. Bernhardt '85
O. Whitfield (Whit) Broome
Elissa Buie '82
Mary Beth Hunt Cardin '85 MS
Charles P. Cocke '65
Carol B. Conklin '81
Tina Cote '91
Robert (Bob) C. Duval '57
C. William (Bill) Eastwood '65, '68 Law
Donna Baker Feeney '76, '77 MS
James (Jim) D. Francis '70
Bruce G. Gabler '68
Joseph (Joe) E. Gibson '51 A&S, '54 Law
Alan T. Gregory '61
M. Gabrielle (Gaby) Hall '63
Roy B. Harrill '63, '66 Law
William (Bill) J. Kehoe
Robert (Bob) S. Kemp
David M. Maloney
Zoli Povazsay
Robert (Bob) G. Stern '60
Russell (Rusty) D. Wilson '68
Richard D. Wood '60
Wayne M. Zell '80

Robert (Bob) S. Bersch '57, '60 Law
William (Bill) F. Blue '56, '60 Law
Milton S. Bolton '52
Judy Cash
Susan R. Colpitts '79 A&S, '85 MS
Richard (Dick) L. Cooper '58
Samuel (Sam) A. Derieux '47
Mary W. Dove
Georgia Willis Fauber '83
Michael S. Feinberg '95
Ann Lindsay Flower '80
Kenneth (Ken) B. Fulp '78
G. Bernard (Berno) Hamilton '59
Charlene MacDowell Hanbury '68
H. Alexander (Alex) Holmes '64, '67 Law
Herbert (Hap) Jonkers '64
William (Bill) P. Murphy '82
Mark T. Nash '84
Kyle T. Smith '95
Marshall R. Solomon '68
Patrick (Pat) J. Vaughan '65, '68 Law
Keith A. Walder '79
Gordon Howell Watkins '62, '66 Darden
Earl E. Webb '78
C. Stanley (Stan) White, Jr. '69
John H. Wright III, '61 A&S, '63 Darden
Richard (Dick) W. Young '64, '67 Law